7 Principles of User Behaviour you can use to Improve your Website Design

In today’s world of website design, there is a lot of room for creativity but little room for failure. More and more people are recognizing that when people browse the internet, they are drawn or repulsed in by their first impression of how a website appears. If the website is clumsily designed or looks not professional, they are not likely to stay on it for very long, which can have serious consequences for sites attempting to sell a product and services to consumers. The image has become more and more important in attracting the attention of web browsers, and holding their attention for more than the few seconds it takes them to find a better, more user-friendly site. Not only to sell products, but to increase your page rank in major search engines like Google, it is important not just for people to visit your site, but to spend time on it. This Infographic will show you a few simple Steps to improve your website design and therefore get more traffic flowing into your website. Improve Website Design

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