Organic Marketing Starter Plan


Plan Includes :

  1. Tailored Content Strategy
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Content Quality Guidelines
  4. Quality Blog Posts
  5. Social Media Sharing
  6. Influencer Outreach
  7. SEO Optimization
  8. Community Engagement
  9. Analytics Tracking
  10. Calendar Management
  11. Ongoing Maintenance


The majority of web traffic still comes from organic search – more than paid campaigns, social media or any other channel. As such, SEO is clearly as significant as ever. And what’s the most effective way to improve SEO? The Recent updates in Search Engine Algorithms has made SEO, Social Media and Content marketing inseparable. These 3 can no longer be viewed in Isolation and an integrated approach is necessary for sustained growth in Website traffic. For this integrated approach to work, Content is the key. Content can be in the form of Blog Articles or more socially shareable Infographics and Videos. The infographic below shows how the overlapping between Content, SEO and Social Media is the recipe to a healthy growth in Organic Website Traffic