Paid Advertising – Adwords ongoing Maintenance

$99.00 / month

Package Includes :

1. Monthly Detailed Reporting

2. Conversion tracking

3. Click fraud monitoring

4. Proactive campaign adjustments

5. A/B ad variation testing

6. Bid and position monitoring

7. Keyword-level call tracking analytics

8. Quarterly phone calls


Paid Advertising put you in front of your potential clients at the moment they are looking out for you. Paid advertising, unlike SEO starts producing almost immediate results allowing you to analyse and tweak your campaigns for better performance. What is Paid Advertising ?Saw ads at the top and bottom of search results when ever you search on the internet. There are names of companies which present on the search engine listing, and you pay each time the ad is clicked. With paid advertising, you can target specific geographies, manage keywords and manage your daily spent budget.